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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Homework and Classwork Policy


I am very concerned about some of the students not turning in the work in a timely manner. Mrs. Reedy and I have been very generous in accepting late work and giving full credit even for late assignments.

Starting the 4th nine weeks, I am changing my policy for late or missing classwork and homework.

If the student does not have an excused absence, he/she will have until the end of the week that the work was due to get the work in. All work is due on Friday unless I have made an exception because of unforseen events where the students did not have time to do the work in a timely manner. The child may need to miss out on recess because of missing work or need to take it home to finish it.

If the child has an excused absence, they will have the number of days they missed to make up the work without penalty.

Part of your child's responsibility is to budget their time wisely and to be responsible for taking work home to finish if they do not complete it in class.

Thank you for your help in this ongoing process.
Mrs. Downey

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